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Street Art in Parker: Paint Parker to Beautify Trail Underpasses

Paint Parker Project

Paint Parker Project

Calling all artists—whether your favorite canvas sits on an easel in your personal home studio or on the walls of abandoned and derelict old buildings, Parker needs your help to beautify the city! Artists of all styles, ability levels, and flavors are invited to submit their mural ideas to the Paint Parker project, which has the simple goal of replacing the sprawling graffiti tags that cover trail underpasses around Parker with creative street art that will both inspire and beautify.

Why Enter the Paint Parker Mural Project?

Have you ever noticed the relentless tagging and graffiti on the trail underpasses located throughout Parker? Much of it you can’t even read—and most of it you wouldn’t want your kids to be able to read. No matter how many times it’s covered over or how strictly it’s regulated by laws and policies, the tagging and graffiti always comes back.

So, the town of Parker is trying out a new, slightly unorthodox solution: have the artists come to them.

A collaboration between Parks and Recreation, the Parker Police, and the Cultural Department, the Paint Parker mural project invites local artists to vie for the go-ahead to create large murals on the trail underpasses for four sites:

  • The Cherry Creek Regional Trail (30’ W x 11’ h)
  • The Sulphur Gulch Trail (Two 25-foot-wide pillars, one 8-inch pillar, two 10-inch pillars, and one 10-foot pillar)
  • The Sulphur Gulch Trail (Two 32’ W, two 10 feet)
  • The Newlin Gulch at Lincoln (85’ x 5’ wall, two pillars at 35’ x 11’)

Submit your proposal for these large, original murals by the 30th of April, 2015 to smahnken@parkeronline.org. Each one must include:

  • Your mission statement,
  • A list of required supplies,
  • A timeline for completion of the work,
  • List of participants with contact information (artists may work with students),
  • The Participation Agreement correctly filled in (available online),
  • Resume with 1-5 pictures of past work, and
  • Design proposals in either PDF format or JPEG format and on 11 x 8.5 hard copy.

All designs have to be original, drawn to scale, and represent how the artwork will be rendered in each real-life setting. Be sure to include the name of the site for which your design is intended. This project is a great way for individual professional artists, aspiring artists, art students, or a community group to share their artistic visions with the residents of Parker. A great way to build buzz for you and your work or just contribute to your town, Paint Parker will recognize the selected artists or group of artists with a special plaque that will be installed alongside the finished work. Selected artists will be notified by May 18th and should have their murals completed by August 31st.

Paint Parker is an annual contest: if your submission is not chosen this time around, try again next year when several new sites are selected. Use your talents to contribute to your community, inspire fellow and future artists, and create a more beautiful place in which we can all live.

Jim Garcia RE/MAX Castle Rock CO Realtor
By: 2015-04-25

Jim Garcia is a RE/MAX Professionals Colorado Realtor® in Douglas County Colorado. When he's not involved with real estate transactions, he spends time with his family, hones his cooking skills and enjoys the unique adventures only Colorado can offer.