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D. Erik Porter

I have had the pleasure of knowing Jim on several fronts and have always admired his abilities and character. If you have the good fortune to work with Jim you will not only get great results, but a friend for life!

Mar 7, 2011 - Linkedin

Doug Davidson

I have had very good experiences working with Jim as a real estate broker. In every situation, Jim has great follow up with meeting deadlines to help me secure a mortgage for his customers within the constraints of the lending process. Jim helps make process smooth, communication is always good, and Jim is always on top of the situation. Most importantly, Jim makes the buying process easy, fun, and non-stressful for his clients. I will enjoy continuing to work with Jim in the future and would recommend him to others as well. Thanks Jim!

Mar 6, 2011 - Linkedin

Deborah Giordano

I have known Jim for over 20 years. He has always had a very good business sense, which he has been able to pass along to his real estate clients. Jim understands cash flow, investment analysis, long term real estate strategies, construction and much more. I think Jim would be a great asset to anyone looking to purchase real estate, whether it is a first time home buyer or a seasoned investor.

Mar 6, 2011 - Linkedin

Teresa Parish

I have known Jim Garcia for over 25 yrs. He is one of those rare individuals who has the ability to build strong and lasting relationships with customers, vendors and friends. His business acumen, across buying and selling commerical businesses and single family homes, brings expertise and quantifiable results. He has been my confidant on many levels and has never steered me wrong. If you are looking for for someone with expertise coupled with ethics and honesty, Jim is your man.

Mar 5, 2011 - Linkedin

Grant Neptune

I have had the pleasure of knowing Jim for the past few years. Jim exhibits high levels of professionalism. He interacts exceptionally well with clients and makes them feel valued. Jim displays a lot of integrity while working with clients as he is focused on their needs. He responds quickly by qualifying their needs and answering all of their questions. I strongly recommend Jim as a broker or in any other capacity.

Mar 4, 2011 - Linkedin

Matthew Pillmore

I had the privilege of working along side Jim Garcia after we brought him into our firm to handle a number of special projects. Jim was always very efficient and knowledgeable. His ability to problem solve made him a valuable asset and I would gladly put my name behind him on future endeavors. He is a compassionate and hard working individual. Those two qualities combined equates to a smart partnership. If you have the opportunity to work with Jim in any capacity I can only hope you get the same type of quality service VIP always has. Thanks Jim!

Mar 3, 2011 - Linkedin

Charles Roberts

I have known Jim for over 5 years both as a real estate investor and as a broker. He is very knowledgeable and well respected. Jim is a very good full service real estate professional with a diverse background in many phases including "hunting" for a the right deal for his clients, finances, cash flow analysis for investment properties, contract negotiations, property management, and construction rehab. I trust his judgment and skill sets with his clients.

Mar 1, 2011 - Linkedin

Russell Smith

Jim and I worked on our first rental property in 1985. Back then and even more so today, Jim understands real estate values in many ways. He can differentiate a good deal from a bad deal right from the beginning, because he is constantly researching and understanding the market place. He knows how to negotiate the best deal at hand and he always voices his concerns up front. It is nice to know someone who is honest and looking out for my interests. I strongly recommend working with Jim to anyone who might be contemplating a real estate transaction.

Feb 28, 2011 - Linkedin

Jim Watson

Jim Garcia and I have worked together for over a year on a joint marketing effort at a major Telecom enterprise. He has a high degree of integrity, strong desire to succeed and is always available for communications. Jim is a pleasure to work with and is very reliable in tasks completion activities.

I look forward to my continuing association with Jim for the years ahead.

Feb 18, 2009 - Linkedin

Scott Dantema

Jim Garcia understands how to be competitive and possesses the qualities needed to be successful.

The IT world is a very dynamic and competitive industry. You need extraordinary talent along with deep strategic thinking, superb business sense and the ability to challenge and inspire others to do more. It is rare to find such an individual like Jim that will bring in qualified people, have continual contact and even be available when you need some strategic advice.

Jim Garcia is the committed person that will be there for whatever is needed or desired to get the job done

May 05, 2008 - Linkedin

Kathleen Winsor-Games

Jim is a very savvy business professional with the financial acumen to help structure favorable terms for a home buyer. Combine this with his years in the commercial construction industry and itâs easy to see why he knows his way around renovation projects and how his connections with sub-contractors position him to pull all the pieces together seamlessly for a buyer. He is a âmake it happenâ guy who can navigate the hurdles with great creativity and drive.

Mar 14, 2011 - Linkedin

Julie Zimmerman

I have known Jim a VERY long time. He is the most diligent, dedicated, goal-oriented person I know. He is excellent at creating strategy around business growth, as well as executing the necessary actions to communicate, manage and deliver the strategy. He successfully and repeatedly delivers his targets and goals. He has even experienced setbacks which did not deter, but drove him to be more successful. He has worked in every role in his business, and can talk on any level to anyone. Jim would make an excellent addition to any team looking to add to or improve their bottom line.

Mar 07, 2008 - Linkedin

Kimberly Kopp

I have known Jim for 4+ years and have worked through many business deals with him. Jim is a very detail oriented, fair, and honest business man. Throughout our interactions he has proven to be loyal, honest, competitive and a man of high intregity who achieves positive outcomes by being creative and thinking "outside of the box.

Jan 15, 2008 - Linkedin

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