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Get Tickets Early for a Holiday Brunch at Cherokee Ranch & Castle

Reservations are filling quickly for a holiday brunch at Cherokee Ranch & Castle! If you have never before attended a holiday brunch at Cherokee Ranch & Castle, the experience is something that you won’t want to miss. During the month of December, the Ranch offers a fantastic holiday brunch that many people attend on an annual basis as part of their family tradition.

The holiday brunch at Cherokee Ranch & Castle can be described as a meal fit for a member of the royal family. From an magnificent menu to a chance to eat while enjoying one of the most impressive views of the mountains from anywhere in the Denver area, this is an experience that will create wonderful memories to last a lifetime!

If you can’t make it over the holidays, there are other opportunities to enjoy a meal in this fantastic and impressive location. A private brunch or lunch can be arranged for large groups – and the meal includes an hour long tour of the Castle. Make sure to contact them to make reservations and to find out more about menu options.

Events at Cherokee Ranch & Castle

Many events take place at Cherokee Ranch & Castle all year round. During the month of December, there are several opportunities to attend a Holiday Tea, as well as several other popular events. Make sure to check out the Calendar of Events for more information. Details on how to order tickets is available on their website.

Cherokee Castle & Ranch Aerial Video

Is it Really a Castle?
Anyone who has ever seen Cherokee Ranch & Castle knows that it does, in fact, look like an actual 1450’s Scottish-style castle! The building sits on thousands of acres of land in Douglas County and is surrounded by an open area where many types of wildlife live. The history of the land is a long and interesting story, and is described in detail here. Today, the Ranch is operated by the Cherokee Ranch & Castle Foundation.

You can find the ranch just a half hour south of Denver. Visitors will enjoy majestic views of the surrounding land and the mountains in the distance. Many types of wildlife live on the land. Bears, mountain lions and antelope can often be spotted roaming the area.

Interested in Volunteering at Cherokee Ranch & Castle?
No matter if you are interested in helping at a holiday brunch or if you would like to help keep the grounds looking beautiful, they are always thrilled to hear from individuals interested in volunteering. Committing time and effort to this Foundation is a fun and rewarding way to give back to the community. More information about volunteering can be found on the Volunteer page on the Foundation’s website.


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By: 2015-11-26

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