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All is FAIR in a FAIR! The Douglas County Fair and Rodeo 2015!

Douglas County Fair and RodeoAre you ready to make tons of memories in this fun filled event? Get saddled up rodeo style and ride out to the Douglas County Fair 2015! In the spirit of family values and tradition, the Douglas County Fair and Rodeo has continued to provide the residents of Douglas County what it truly deserves – fun filled days that will surely give each and everyone precious memories to look back to.

What is in store for you? There are an abundance of activities for all ages in the Douglas County Fair 2015 – Family Fun and Entertainment and more! Let’s breakdown what these exciting activities are and plan your attack!


(August 6 to 9)

Come all and enjoy the awesome classic rides at the Douglas County Fair 2015 for the thrill seekers, but don’t worry there are family-friendly rides for the kids too. Tickets will be made available during the open hours of the Carnival ticket office.

Mutton Bustin’
(August 6 to 9)

Whoa! Are you ready to saddle up and take the wooly ride? Then this one is for you, the cost to saddle up per rider is $10.00. Registration will be taken (for the first 60 kids ages 5-7) an hour prior to the scheduled ride at the Midway Information booth behind the grandstands. Remember long sleeved shirt, pants, and appropriate shoes are required. Let’s come and cheer for our Cowboys and Cowgirls at the Douglas County Fair 2015!

Discovery Ranch & The Great Crepe Caper & Farm Yard
(August 7 to 9)

Ever wondered why, where, and how things are made? Then this activity is for you, only at the Douglas County Fair 2015. Be a farmer or a cook for a day and learn in an engaging educational, interactive & hands-on way on how crops are grown and how foods are made – from growing apples to potatoes, to handling animals, to great tasting crepe! Discover the significance of agriculture as one of the pivotal lifestyle of Douglas County living. Make sure to drop by at the Discovery Ranch exhibits and the Douglas County Farm Bureau at the General Grounds Admission and start your adventure!

Get Gardening Help
(August 8 to 9)

Dispatcher: “911, what is your emergency?”
Caller: “ My crops are dying!”
Dispatcher: “Hurry, Get Gardening Help at the Douglas County Fair 2015”

Whether your beans are being eating by unknown pests, your tomatoes are withering for now reason, or your tree is hanging by a branch (so to speak), then look no further and head over to the Douglas County Fair 2015 and get answers! Check out the Open Class Floriculture and Agriculture and get your answer straight from the Colorado Master Gardeners themselves!

Cricket Races
(August 7)

Crickets are intriguing, and kids can’t seem to get enough of them! What better way to satisfy their fascination but with a free Cricket Race (for kids of 4 to 14 years old), which is made possible by the event organizers of the Douglas County Fair 2015. So let’s go Cricketers and show ‘em what you got!

Fair Parade & Antique Tractor Pull
(August 8)

Get those cameras ready and enjoy the beautiful old-fashioned Douglas County Fair 2015 Parade, which will start at the south end of the Town. Wait! There is more, this will be followed by a traditional BBQ at the Castle Rock Fire Department, this is for the benefit of the Douglas County High School Huskies. It keeps getting better, because there is also the annual Antique Tractor Pull, which features historical tractors native to Douglas County!

Cowboy Mounted Shoot
(August 8)

Shots will be fired (blank ammunition of course) from a .45 caliber to signal the start of this competion brought to you by the Fastest Growing Equestrian Sport in the Nation, the Cowboy Mounted Shooting Association! This is made possible and will be among the showcased activities in the Douglas County Fair 2015. You can join this activity even if you are a novice or a seasoned rider, come and join the fun and see what this is all about!

Pie Eating Contest
(August 8 to 9)

What is a Fair without a contest to test your skill to consume food, and what better way to test this skill but with Pie! Yes, you read it right a Pie Eating Contest at the Douglas County Fair 2015! You can join for just $2 per person with three age categories for the whole family – 12 yrs. below, 13 to 17 yrs. up, and 18 yrs. above. So eat light on this day, but eat hard on the contest table and come out as the winner! This is sponsored by the Douglas 4-H Foundation, with the proceeds to benefit their youth scholarship program.

The Kiefer Hitch
(August 8 to 9)

The 6 Horse Percheron Horse Hitch will be put on display in the Large Animal Barn area, they will also give a perfomrance at the Douglas County Fair 2015 during the Medved PRCA Rodeo activity.

Sheep Lead
(August 8)

Ladies, this is for you! Come and watch this event as the beautiful ladies of Douglas County presents their creativity in a fashion show, which showcases the use of wool to promote the sheep industry. The sheep will take over the runaway at the Douglas County Fair 2015!

Queen Barrel Race & Stick Horse Rodeo
(August 8 & 9)

Another one for the ladies, but not just the ladies – the Douglas County Fair & Rodeo Royalty (and visiting royalties) will be in for a friendly barrel race. Get those cameras ready for photo opportunities and autograph signing! You will also find the 2014 & 2015 Royalties at the Stick Horse Rodeo, where they will help the young kids with this miniaturized rodeo which will showcase six events – barrels, flags, poles, roping, horseshoe toss, and the bull bag!

Free Breakfast & Dutch Oven Cook-Off
(August 9)

Yes, this is not a typo error, there will be free breakfast of pancakes and sausages for all! Get ready to be stuffed and ready for the days activities. Another one to look out for is the Dutch Oven Cook-Off contest, which will highlight the art of preserving traditional cooking amidst technological advancement! This is going to be one of the epic activity of the Douglas County Fair 2015!

Blindmans Tractor Drive & Performance Draft Horse Show
(August 9)

One of the only times that driving blind-folded is allowed is during the Douglas County Fair 2015. As long as participants stay in the obstacle course and not run over any person then everything is a system go! Interested teams may register at the Midway Information booth an hour before the first Drive. The mechanics is simple, the driver is blind-folded and the direction is given by his partner to navigate the obstacle course. Draft horses and their handlers will also show-off their skills as they navigate through the well prepared obstacle courses.

Goat Milking Demonstrations
(AM & PM Daily)

Got Milk! Well you might have to milk your own milk to get a glass of it. Come and witness how this is done and maybe get a chance to do it yourself at the Douglas County Fair 2015, and you can ask the on site experts for any questions too, how cool is that!

Junior Division Exhibits
(August 5 to 9)

Get a chance to see the Douglas County’s youths creativity with non-livestock exhibit projects, this can be in a form or artwork, photography, woodwork, and more! Animal Exhibits is also up for viewing at the Barns! So don’t miss out on this exciting activity at the Douglas County Fair 2015!

Rodeo Fan Zone
(August 6)

Meet professional bull riding participants, the funny JW Winklepleckm and Douglas County’s own Mutton Bustin’ Zane Adams the Clown! Dare the mechanical Bull and maybe have a selfie with one of the rodeo royal beauties! So much more in store for all, so don’t miss out this opportunity at the Douglas County Fair 2015!

Boot Scootin!
(PM Daily)

A lucky fan can get to take home a new pair of Murdoch’s boots if he/she wins the Boot Scootin’ Dance Off at the Douglas County Fair 2015! So get your grooves in the hooves and start practicing those moves!

(August 6 to 9)

Be sure to watch out for the performances of these artists at the Douglas County Fair 2015 – Aug 6: Tyler Walker Band; Aug 7: Shanya Martinez, Union Gray, Rough Cuts, Sunflower Squares, and Trail; Aug 8: Sunny Behr, Sunflower Squares, Kristi Hoopes, Ronald McDonald, Castle Rock Music Youth Symphony, Walker Williams, Dustine Devine & The Real Deal; Aug 9: Clear Creek Cowboys, Wielands of Mass Destruction Bluegrass Bank, Sunflower Squares, Marla Gifford, and Red Roots.


There are 3 ways to get your tickets – Buy Online, Buy Early at the Box Office or Buy at The Gate. Please got to their website for more info on buying the tickets http://www.douglascountyfairandrodeo.com/tickets/

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By: 2015-08-04

Jim Garcia is a RE/MAX Professionals Colorado Realtor® in Douglas County Colorado. When he's not involved with real estate transactions, he spends time with his family, hones his cooking skills and enjoys the unique adventures only Colorado can offer.