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Aspen View Academy: Castle Rock’s Newest Charter School

Aspen View Academy Castle Rock

Aspen View Academy Castle Rock

Looking for an alternative to the Douglas County public school system? Aspen View Academy located in The Meadows in Castle Rock, Colorado is increasingly becoming the town’s most popular charter school. Its unique structure and set of values is catching the interest of many of Castle Rock’s parents. The early reviews? Children and their families love it.

All About Aspen View Academy

As parents, you’re always trying to find the best opportunities and environments for your children, places where they can thrive, learn, and grow in confidence and character. That’s why, among Castle Rock parents, curiosity is growing about the town’s newest charter school, Aspen View Academy.

Aspen View Academy opened its doors two years ago after a group of parents who were passionate about education came together with a vision: to help children grow as multifaceted learners and people. The educational program at Aspen View Academy views each child as a unique individual and seeks to help each one to thrive.

Aspen View Academy Charter School

Run by a dedicated group of educators who are parents themselves, Aspen View is committed to providing a well-rounded education for children that involves more than just memorization and teaching to the test. Qualities like independence, personal responsibility, curiosity, and kindness are fostered along with knowledge about math, science, language arts, technology, and other core subjects.

In particular, Aspen View Academy’s Core Knowledge curriculum, which has demonstrated significant success across the country, emphasizes learning in the areas of language arts, mathematics, science, history, geography, fine arts, and physical education that is solid, sequenced, specific, and shared, eliminating redundancies and providing children with a more organized, streamlined progression. Aspen View also strives to incorporate technology to prepare children for the future. Aspen’s character education program helps children to develop into citizens of the world who are:

  • Responsible,
  • Empowered,
  • Sharing,
  • Patient,
  • Motivated by excellence,
  • Compassionate, and
  • Able to be part of a team.

Aspen View Academy Building

The founders of Aspen View wanted to give parents in Castle Rock and the surrounding communities choices when it came to their children’s education. As a charter school, Aspen View is funded by the state and is a public school that is completely free for all of its students. It does not have any test-in requirements—it is open to students of all ability levels and backgrounds including low-income, minority, and students with special needs. New students are selected based on a random lottery held every year and admitted depending on the number of openings in each grade. Class sizes are limited to 26 students per class for grades 1 through 8 in order to give each student the opportunity to receive one-on-one teacher attention and instruction.

In addition to classes, Aspen View also has after school programs and athletics, including:

  • Child’s Pose Yoga Club,
  • 4th Grade Book Club,
  • Girl Scouts,
  • Soccer,
  • Volleyball,
  • Basketball, and
  • Cross-country.

Aspen View Academy is located at 2131 Low Meadow Blvd. in Castle Rock, CO. It’s currently open for grades K-7 and will expand to include 8th grade this coming school year.

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By: 2015-04-11

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